Tyrone & Valencia

Wishing Well

Our Story

A Love Story Continued…

“On October 5, 2017. Val was sitting in the Atlanta airport’s Popeyes Chicken waiting on her departure flight. As fate would have it her flight was delayed. Tyrone, who doesn’t even eat chicken, spotted Val and went inside. He sat next to her and started a conversation. He asked her about her afro, and that was right of Val’s ally. This opened the doors for her to talk about her love for natural hair! Val quickly recognized that Tyrone had the gift to gab as he took control of the conversation. Tyrone told her that he was traveling to an event hosted by his cousin up north and Val shared with him that She was leaving a stay in the mountains “glamping” with one of her best friends for her 45th birthday celebration. They really enjoyed one another’s company. The conversation flowed easily. Val’s flight left before Tyrone’s, so they exchanged numbers and talked every day after the day they met. Tyrone and Val grew to be friends through those conversations. Their first date was in Jacksonville Fl, they met in Orlando for their second date, Tallahassee was the 3rd and then Las Vegas! Through dating they learned that they liked the same music, could appreciate the same movies of their era, their values were aligned, and even their eating habits were similar. When Tyrone took Val out he kept her on her feet dancing and having a real good time! They couldn’t help it…they feel deeply in love! Tyrone made Val the happiest woman in the world when he got on one knee and proposed! She was honored to say yes! Neither of them had ever been married. They both patiently waited for one another and on October 5, 2021 the same day they met four years prior. They eloped and got married in the Valley of Fire State Park outside of las Vegas. It has now been 1year of love! 365 days of marriage, lots of laughter, 52 weeks of happiness, countless memories, 525,600 minutes and counting… the best is yet to come!”